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Acheivements as at January 2012

Published: Tuesday | January 31, 2012
Acheivements as at January 2012
Legal Framework
  • Policy for Strategic Laws (Governance, Finance, Human Resource) submitted to Cabinet
  • Proposal submitted to Attorney General for the entrenchment of Local Government in the Jamaican Constitution
  • National Building Bill has been tabled in Parliament
  • National Building Code developed
 Finance & Funding Framework
  • FMAS- Financial Management & Accounting System installed in 5 Councils; 6 councils undergoing pre-installment activities
  • 4 Councils now receiving financing directly from Ministry of Finance& the Public Service
  • Improved Property Tax compliance rate 44% in 2007 – 2008 to 52% 2009-2010
  • Improved Property Tax collection $1.7b 2009-2010 to $2.4b 2010-2011
 Citizens Participation
  • Reform Committees established in Councils
  • Parish Development Committees (PDCs) established in all councils
  • Regular Mayor’s Forum being hosted islandwide
  • Parish visioning symposium executed in all parishes to start parish development plans
 Accountability & Transparency
  • Local Public Accounts Committees (LPACs) have been established in all councils
  • Participatory budgeting implemented
 Capacity Building
  • Organization review of the Local Authorities commissioned along with completion of the diagnostic report
  • Assessment conducted with a view to strengthening PDCs & LPACs
  • Review of the Portmore model conducted and final report completed to determine replicability
  • The AMANDA (Applications Management & Data Analysis software) system was installed on a pilot basis in four LAs in an effort to improve the performance in development planning and approval process
  • Modernization Plan developed for Jamaica Fire Brigade : development policies & facilitated construction of modernization plan
  • Various capacity building interventions conducted with councilors & admin staff
Institutional Strengthening
  • Streetlights- database management system developed and to be rolled out by Councils in new calendar year
  • Currently undergoing rehabilitation:
    • Infirmaries
    • Council Buildings
    • Markets
    • Fire Stations
 International Collaboration
  • Jamaica selected as Secretariat for Caribbean Forum of Local Government Ministers
  • Execute project which developed Regional Policy and Cooperation Framework
  • Exposure of Councils to international confab, seminar & conferences for best practice in Local Governance and Local Economic Development