Ministry of Local Government & Community Development

Ministry of Local Government
& Community Development

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Local Government Reform - Achievments

Reform Update - November 2012

Published: Friday | November 30, 2012

 Acheivements as at November 2012

  • Earmarking of Property Tax and two-thirds of motor vehicle licence fees as dedicated sources for financing local government services

  • Amending legislation allowing Councils to set/amend fees and user charges relating to services within their jurisdiction, resulting in substantial increase to local government revenues

  • Promulgation of new regulations for Local Authorities to make them more effective in the regulation of civic order e.g. Places of Amusement Regulations, Urban Parking, Sale of Goods in Public Places

  • Creation of new civic amenities – transportation parks, bus terminals to ease congestion and earn additional revenueThe development of a special programme of collaboration with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to improve collections from property taxes

  • Installation of Financial Management & Accounting System in six Local Authorities

  • Development of Legal Framework for laws governing Governance, Finance and Human Resource Management

  • Tabling of the National Building Act in Parliament

  • The creation of several senior technical/managerial posts in Local Authorities (Directors of Planning, Administration, Finance, Budget & Revenue Officer, Public & Community Relations Officer, Information Management Specialist, Commercial Manager)

  • The conducting of various staffing and Training Needs Assessment including a range of institutional strengthening programmes e.g. Financial Management, Councillor and Secretary Managers Development, Human Resource Management, Public Works Management

  • Facilitation of the recruitment and training of a Municipal Police Force for deployment in Local Authorities on an ongoing basis

  • Commissioning of an Organizational Review for the Local Authorities

  • Establishment of the Parish Development CommitteesEstablishment of Local Public Accounts Committees